...We had Greg for our Upward awards day and saw over 100 decisions made that day

As an illusionist, he has a variety of acts that capture audiences of all ages and keep them amazed and laughing. While he is a very exciting and professional entertainer – his main desire and purpose is to share the gospel of Christ and allow an opportunity for people to receive Christ as Savior. His presentation of the Gospel is very effective, easy to understand, and reaches all ages. Greg and his wife Jane, are a great team together. They love people, love to laugh, and enjoy life – but more than that- they love to share the Gospel of Christ. We had Greg for our Upward awards day and saw over 100 decisions made that day – salvation and rededications – by children and adults. His ministry and message is anointed by God and their prayer and desire is to glorify God for all he He does through their ministry.
Gayle Daniels - UpwardTM Sports Director

Believe Ministries Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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...I would highly recommend Greg for your Upward Awards Night!

Greg uses his skills as an illusionist to capture the audience from the second he walks onto the stage.  His use of media, music and illusions make for a great performance!  What Greg does that is more important that anything else is his strong desire to bring children and adults alike to Christ.  His sole purpose is to use his gifts to win people for the Kingdom.  His message is clear, true and captivating.  He incorporates his Gospel presentation into his performance in a way that Children and adults can understand!  His love for magic, others, and his desire to win people for Christ makes the “Magic Boy” a perfect entertainer to celebrate your Upward Season!

Justin McDonald - Recreation Associate

...If you are looking for someone to pray with you, to partner with you and to lead people to Christ, Greg is your man. 

He did a great job presenting the gospel.  We had a total of 46 adults and children make first time decisions for Christ.  This was out of a program of 151 players/cheerleaders.  Others rededicated their lives and still others came down to pray.  Expect to see God do big things through Greg.  It was a pleasure having Greg and Jane for our awards night celebration. 

I highly recommend them.”

Wayne Wright - UpwardTM League Commissioner

...237 decisions were made.

Thank you for an outstanding, spirit-filled night.  Only time will tell what truly took place Monday night.  However, it is obvious that God used you in a powerful way to spread His truth. Thanks again for your heart and ministry.  It was a real joy in getting to know you and Jane.  God bless you both as you continue ministering in God’s name and power. In total, 237 decisions were made.

Eddie Robertson - Minister of Recreation

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...You set the standard that we will try to adhere to going forward.

I greatly appreciate you guys and what you did for us on that celebration night.  You set the standard that we will try to adhere to going forward.  I have coached for Upward in the past 4 years and can not recall an awards celebration that ended the way ours did this last Monday.   I do know several people came down and exited with counselors.  I am not sure of the exact number but by some accounts told to me over 40 people left for counseling...I do hope you guys continue what you are doing and don't change a single thing. I know that from this point forward we will continue using the concept of the "I" team. 

Chris Rogers - UpwardTM Sports Director

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We brought Greg and Jane back again to do our Upward Celebration.

Just like the last year they were great to work with from beginning to end.  The kids and adults love the program as part of it apply to all ages.  The Believe Ministries team is truly dedicated to doing the work of His kingdom!  This year we had an even greater response with over a 100 coming down during the invitation by Greg, but more importantly we had 55 first time decisions for Christ!  Believe Ministries not only partners with you for just the celebration but they pray along with you during your season!  They are truly great!

Chris Rogers - UpwardTM Sports Director

UpwardTM Sports Reviews

Greg was simply amazing!

His passion for seeing people come to know the Lord came through his entire presentation.

Our players and adults fed off his enthusiasm and just made the whole audience excited to be there.

His presentation of the gospel was straight forward and simple. Players and adults made decisions for Christ.

I would recommend Greg to anyone who wants someone to share the gospel so anyone can understand.

UpwardTM Sports Director


...You can feel the Holy Spirit move through the audience during his presentation.

Jane and Greg are excellent partners to work with. Jane is extremely organized and handles all the details. Greg has a love for God and the children. He is very entertaining and presents a clear message to the audience. You can feel the Holy Spirit move through the audience during his presentation.

Ty Sell - UpwardTM Sports Director

Excellent entertainer but really you can see Greg is sincere and Loves the Lord.

Works well with the kids and adults.

The program is great funny but with a Christian meaning. Greg will be on our list for entertainers in the future years.

Bill Pinker - UpwardTM Sports Director

Greg is passionate about winning people for Christ and it shows from the first moment you talk to him on the phone.

His show was entertaining and his gospel message was crystal clear!

UpwardTM Sports Director

...He is highly recommended.

God is using Greg through his talents and his message. His way of using the Gospel in bringing both children and adults to knowing Christ is terrific. We had about 38 first time decisions made during our Upward Awards Ceremony. Others rededicated their lives. He is highly recommended.

Gary and Peggy Morrison, UpwardTM Sports Directors

Exciting, spirit-filled presentation for all ages. His main purpose and desire is to share Christ and invite anyone, any age to receive Christ as personal savior. You will be blessed.

UpwardTM Sports Director

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