...we maxed out our sanctuary capacity of 650 with people in the overflow room also receiving a blessing

Greg Davidson's personality and abilities are used mightily of the Lord throughout this weekend. By the Sunday evening conclusion our people were praying for decisions and for the possibility of Greg returning to the area. At each event we maxed out our sanctuary capacity of 650 with people in the overflow room also receiving a blessing. We saw 48 professions of faith and 65 other types of commitments. I am convinced that God has His hand on this ministry and that your community would greatly benefit from the experience.

Dr. Jim Phillips, Pastor

...275 people responded to the invitations

We had a good crowed of visitors each night. More important, we had a room full of decision makers at the end of each presentation. Over the course of the weekend approximately 275 people responded to the invitations that Greg extended. I was impressed with Greg’s skill in presentation and the humility with which he ministered. Additionally I would like to say he was great fun to be with. We will look forward to inviting him back soon. I hope that you will take the opportunity to invite him to bring this effective evangelistic ministry to your church and community.

Wayne Parker, Pastor

...life-changing Gospel presented in a clear, understandable and unapologetic manner.

It was full of laughter, amazement and wonder. It was also full of the life-changing Gospel presented in a clear, understandable and unapologetic manner. Greg Davidson has blended his masterful skills of illusion with an inspiring presentation of God’s Holy Word. We witnessed over 40 people from ages 8 to 63 years of age make life-changing decisions for Jesus Christ. We prayed, planned and worked while Greg performed and preached. Ultimately, God was honored and glorified. I highly recommend Greg Davidson and his team to your church and community.

Bill Stacey, Pastor

...we had over 300 commitments for Christ during this weekend

Greg is an illusionist and uses his skill to effectively communicate the gospel. His illusions were creative, and very professional. It was highly entertaining and very scripturally based. If fact we had over 300 commitments for Christ during this weekend. Greg has a very practical and easily understood communication of the gospel that anyone can understand. Greg was a pleasure to work with and adapted easily to the way we do things here at Tri City.

David Stephens, Creative Arts Director

...Spirit-filled, loving people who cared deeply about seeing our teenagers come to know the Lord (and many did!)

We just hosted master illusionist Greg Davidson for an in-town weekend retreat, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Greg and his team were prompt, courteous, and very professional. But more than that, they were Spirit-filled, loving people who cared deeply about seeing our teenagers come to know the Lord (and many did!) Greg’s illusions are top quality, surpassed only by the clarity and precision of his presentation of the Gospel. I would recommend his show, “Believe It!...A Celebration of Wonder” to any church or venue that is serious about making an impact in their communities for the Lord.

Steve Heimler, Assistant Director of Youth Ministry

...We had overflow crowds and 120 decisions

Greg is a gifted illusionist who uses his skills to share Christ in a most effective way. He is also a talented musician and anointed preacher who shares the truths of God’s inerrant Word without equivocation. He communicates effectively with every age group. He does not seek emotional decisions based on feelings, but on willful decisions based on faith. We had overflow crowds and 120 decisions, 30 of which were first-time decisions for Christ.

Dr. David B Fannin - Pastor

...The invitation to come to Christ is clear, concise, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Greg Davidson is an excellent magician, musician, and communicator of the Gospel. The programs are entertaining and inspirational. The invitation to come to Christ is clear, concise, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. As a result, many were saved.

Dr. Herb Thomas - Pastor

...71 professions of faith and over 50 other decisions

I am pleased to recommend Greg Davidson to any church or ministry organization interested in

special event evangelism. Greg is a man of integrity. God's hand is clearly on him. In addition to his skill and talent as a magician, he also has the gift of evangelism. We had 71 professions of faith and over 50 other decisions in a 3 day meeting. Greg presents the Gospel clearly and with the anointing of God. Pastor, you will love Greg Davidson!

Dr. Michael Trammell - Pastor

...I highly endorse Believe Ministries and they will not disappoint!

This year the bar was set so high by Greg Davidson of Believe Ministries that I am already nervous about what to do next year. Working with Greg and Jane was a pleasure. They are extremely professional in all of the work leading up to and through the event. The most important thing was that they were sincerely interested in learning about my ministry and designing the best way to represent it to the guests. I cannot decide if Greg is a better illusionist or a better comedian. I do know that the combination of both makes for an inspiring time of fun and laughter. His program is memorable in its own right, and it served very well to make my ministry memorable to the guests that attended. I highly endorse Believe Ministries and they will not disappoint!

Greg Williams - Executive Director - Atlanta Youth for Christ

We saw more than 2,000 in attendance over the five weekend services. Approximately 60 professions of faith, 75 recommitments to Christ and over 100 who personally came forward to commit to share their faith with a specific friend God has laid upon their hearts.

Ron Hart Pastor - Pastor

There were 88 recorded decisions and 50 were professions of faith. I had a wonderful role in the counseling room after Greg spoke to those making decisions; the counselors recorded personal information and introduced the folks to me. I had the joy of hearing 50 persons profess Jesus as their Savior. Some were children, others were adults. All were coming to Christ. Other decisions were also deeply touching. Folks confessed their sins and their need for a closer walk with the Lord. It was wonderful in every way.

Ken Cox - Pastor

...He makes it very clear every service that everything he does is an illusion, not the magic forbidden in God’s Word.

Greg is a master illusionist who uses his talents not only to entertain, but to share the Gospel of Jesus in a clear and powerful way. He makes it very clear every service that everything he does is an illusion, not the magic forbidden in God’s Word. Greg is a true professional in his field. He uses humor in his presentations. Most of all, he clearly loves Jesus. We thought that we were possibly planning for more people than would actually come. We were mistaken. Each night we were filled to capacity including extra seating.

Dr. Jimmy Arms - Pastor

...Greg is a person of faith. He loves Christ and it shows.

As a magician, Greg’s professionalism is at the highest level. His resume bears witness to his extensive experience traveling the world over, performing his special mix of humor and magic. But beyond the superior quality of his shows, Greg has the ability to “capture the moment” adapting his material to meet his audience where they are and give them an experience that inspires them to discover the gospel with their imaginations.

Greg is a person of faith. He loves Christ and it shows. I highly recommend his “He’s Calling...Pick-Up!” show which is both Greg’s personal testimony as well as an EPIC Worship Experience. I have seen this show in both a local church and conference setting and was inspired and challenged both times to seek God in fresh new ways.

Dr. David Benson - Pastor

...a very clear presentation of the gospel.

This was a very entertaining program, which showcased the “magical” skills of Greg and yet at the same time, gave a very clear presentation of the gospel. Throughout the program, Greg emphasize the importance of responding to Gods’ call on you life. His personality and with made him a big hit in an audience that ranged from the very young to the very old. If you are considering having an evangelistic crusade and are looking for a unique and effective way to attract folks, I heartily recommend Greg Davidson.
Eddie Chennault - Pastor

...a total event attendance recorded at 2350

Although the enjoyment of the crowds was proof that he offered top-of-the-line entertainment, we were most impressed with him personally. He asked very little of us as a host church and was a joy to work with – maintaining flexibility at all time. He has a straight-forward message and a delivery system that even children understand. Greg performed on four occasions for us that weekend with a total event attendance recorded at 2350. but the true successes for the weekend were the 130+ decisions that were made with over 50 of them being first-time decisions for Christ.
John Shaw - Pastor

...get Greg Davidson and “Believe It” – A Celebration of Wonder at your church soon.
Greg’s messages were the highlight of each service. He was creative and relevant in presenting the Gospel.

Several people were saved and others made decisions for Christ. I would highly recommend that you get Greg Davidson and

“Believe It!” – A Celebration of Wonder at your church soon.
James Dean - Pastor

In three days we witnessed 87 total decisions including 41 professions of faith. Greg Davidson is on a par with the best stage performers anywhere but he is much more than a showman. He has a passionate desire to see people become followers of the Christ he loves and communicates that in entertaining and professional ways. When Greg Davidson speaks people listen! You and your people will too! With Greg Davidson you get one of America’s classiest entertainers and a well taught evangelist as well. Use him. You will be glad you did.
Dr. Rodney F. Autry - Pastor

...God blessed us with a total of 72 decisions for Jesus Christ

During a weekend in April, we had approximately 1,200 people in attendance (300 per service), and God blessed us with a total of 72 decisions for Jesus Christ. If you are looking for something fresh, new, unique, and exciting, I recommend Greg Davidson to come to your church and your community. He will be a blessing to you just like he is a blessing to God.
Rush Coffman - Pastor

...The impact on our community was the GREATEST we have seen in twenty-plus years of ministry here.

I’m writing to thank you for serving God with The Cedar Street church for our recent “Believe It: A Celebration of Wonder.” The impact on our community was the GREATEST we have seen in twenty-plus years of ministry here. I have never worked with an evangelistic ministry that is so local Church focused. There was never a sense of a program being pushed on us but rather a sense of team work and collaboration. In every contact with Believe Ministries our people came back with reports like “we love these people.” God used you to help us harvest some souls for the Kingdom, to plant seeds for a future harvest, and to impress upon our Church family the urgency of sharing Christ with lost people. Further, He used you to encourage me in my own personal evangelism. Thank you!
Bob Carpenter - Pastor

...Greg was the best of all the entertainers we have had

Greg Davidson doesn’t just want to come and entertain, he is truly concerned about the souls of lost people. We have had Greg two different times, and I get amazed at his level of intensity and professionalism and heart to see peoples lives changed. We had Greg come and do our Upward basketball awards ceremony. We had 285 players for our season. When all the cards were counted and all was said and done, we had 120 decisions and 85 of those were first time decisions for Christ. Some were adults and older teenagers. God did a tremendous work that day. This was our fifth season with Upward and I must say Greg was the best of all the entertainers we have had. I fully recommend Greg to you as a man who will serve you well, and I must say he uses prayer as one of his best tools for his programs.
Charlie Burnett - Pastor

...We had Greg for our Upward awards day and saw over 100 decisions made that day

As an illusionist, he has a variety of acts that capture audiences of all ages and keep them amazed and laughing. While he is a very exciting and professional entertainer – his main desire and purpose is to share the gospel of Christ and allow an opportunity for people to receive Christ as Savior. His presentation of the Gospel is very effective, easy to understand, and reaches all ages. Greg and his wife Jane, are a great team together. They love people, love to laugh, and enjoy life – but more than that- they love to share the Gospel of Christ. We had Greg for our Upward awards day and saw over 100 decisions made that day – salvation and rededications – by children and adults. His ministry and message is anointed by God and their prayer and desire is to glorify God for all he He does through their ministry.
Gayle Daniels - UpwardTM Sports Director

Believe Ministries Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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...especially impressive was the way you presented the Gospel clearly and passionately.

As an illusionist, he has a variety of acts that capture audiences of all ages and keep them amazed and laughing. While he is a We are rejoicing over the forty plus decision that were made in the invitation time.  I have not yet collected all the registration cards, but we do know that we had well over forty professions of faith. 
Donald L. Cobb - Pastor

...many many people went forward to make a decision to turn their lives over to Jesus,

my heart felt as if it would burst with joy.  The presence and power of God was simply too big to take in at once. 

Greg is a truly gifted illusionist and by sharing his talents along with the Gospel, many people were saved and countless seeds were planted in our community.  I will seek other local Churches who might be able to host the Believe It! crew, and I encourage anyone who is interested to go for it.
Emmy Dillenbeck -  Church Administrator

...The Believe It Celebration was an awesome experience for our Church.

We saw God work in so many ways!  Many people came to know Jesus, and our Church (and I personally) felt a sense of spiritual revival, as we united in prayer and purpose to see God show His glory through the work of Greg Davidson and Believe It!

Greg and Jane know the importance of prayer in any spiritual effort, as nothing life-changing happens apart from the Grace and Power of God!  So they STRONGLY emphasized that our Church pray for Gods’ hand, will and purpose in all things!  AS the “prayer pilot” I was overwhelmed by their personal encouragement to me in helping unite our Church to pray, and the fact that they prayed right along with us!  Our entire Church prayed for 40 days before the event!  All of our hearts and minds were focused on this.  God says ask...well we ASKED! And He answered!  The Believe It Celebration was a life-changing event for many people - those who were saved, as well as many believers.  I know that I will never be the same!

Jackie Warner - Celebration Prayer Pilot

...anyone who is looking to entertain and share the Gospel with children and/or adults of any age!

The children and the adults who were present were blessed by your ministry.  Your willingness to come to a group that was mostly children was impressive.  The simple explanation of the gospel on a child’s level  was great.  I would recommend you to anyone who is looking to entertain and share the gospel with children and/or adults of any age!

Trey Wooton - Minister to Children

...a grand way to reach the secular mind for Christianity

He is a class act, an excellent communicator and a true professional.  His presentation and witness are inviting, enjoyable and inspirational.

Dr. Joe B. Bowen Jr. - Pastor

...I am already looking forward to the next time.

Your gifts are amazing!  The production of HE’s Calling...Pickup! was incredibly well done technically and the Christian message was beautifully presented.  All the elements of the show were tremendous...the music, the lyrics to the song, the crowd participation, drama and magic...I will never forget the experience. Greg, you have found a wonderful way to weave your gifts and talents form magic into ministry.  Thank you for blessing us.  I am already looking forward to the next time.

Ellen Shepard - Minister of Education

...presents the gospel message so uniquely that many will be able to grasp it in a new way - or perhaps, for the first time.

While delighting audience members of all ages, with his magic, Davidson has designed the prgram to emphasize the fact that it is only God who can affect the miracle of changed lives.  Planned and produced with excellence, Davidson’s program presents the gospel message so uniquely that many will be able to grasp it in a new way - or perhaps for the first time.  He is gifted at involving the audience in the programs, and his passion for the message he share shines through all that he does.  Greg and Jane are a delight to work with, giving very clear and patient help to the non-professional that they work with in a church setting.  I would highly recommend this production to anyone looking for an extraordinarily exciting way of sharing the joy of Christ.

Sally Dowland - Director of Adult Ministries

Right off the bat Greg grabs the attention of his audience with illusions and entertainment. 

He has an excellent stage presence and is interactive with the crowd.  But Greg is about more than entertainment.  He is very  passionate about people hearing the Gospel message and having the opportunity to respond to it. In working with Greg and his ministry I found a good working partnership, as he was flexible to allow for the specific needs of our church and program.  As a person, his heart is set on serving others and serving our Lord so that more come to a saving knowledge of Him.  Greg Davidson has my recommendation as someone you should definitely consider for a way to share the Gospel message and allow loves to be changed.  He is a powerful example of someone giving his talents and passions to God to use for His glory to spread His message

Alison Wright - Youth/Discipleship Pastor

...Due to the simplicity and interactivity of the message many young lives were changed and inspired

Recently we had Greg share his gospel presentation before a group of more than 300 youth and adults.  Over a three day period Greg used a combination of straight forward gospel and entertaining illusion to boldly illustrate our Lord’s plan of salvation. This unique combination allowed the participants to become actively involved in the truth that was being shared.  Due to the simplicity and interactivity of the message many young lives were changed and inspired. We believe that God’s message will be forever implanted int he minds and hearts of all who were privileged to participate.  In my humble opinion Greg Davidson has demonstrated how God can take man-made talents (Magic/illusion) and combine them, supernaturally, with His gift (evangelism) to form a powerful new medium for presenting His truth.

Pete Aubin - Youth Pastor

... I've never encountered a more effective and inspiring evangelistic ministry.

Greg’s compassion for lost and hurting souls makes him a genuine evangelist. God certainly has gifted him that way. I like what the Apostle Paul said, “…by all possible means I might save some” (1 Cor. 9:22). Folks, this is a means and I believe this ministry is an effective tool of outreach. I have been pastoring for about thirty years and in all that time I've never encountered a more effective and inspiring evangelistic ministry. You will not find a more humble and down-to-earth servant. It's refreshing to find someone who is so genuine and yet so gifted. If you are able to have Greg and Jane come for ministry in your church or community, you will be richly blessed. It is my honor to commend to you Believe Ministries Inc.  Integrity, sensitivity and maturity, a strong grasp of and ability to communicate the Gospel – it all describes this relevant and cutting edge ministry.  I recommend the ministry of Greg Davidson to you with joy and without hesitation.

Ike Amorin - Pastor

...I would highly recommend Greg for your Upward Awards Night!

Greg uses his skills as an illusionist to capture the audience from the second he walks onto the stage.  His use of media, music and illusions make for a great performance!  What Greg does that is more important that anything else is his strong desire to bring children and adults alike to Christ.  His sole purpose is to use his gifts to win people for the Kingdom.  His message is clear, true and captivating.  He incorporates his Gospel presentation into his performance in a way that Children and adults can understand!  His love for magic, others, and his desire to win people for Christ makes the “Magic Boy” a perfect entertainer to celebrate your Upward Season!

Justin McDonald - Recreation Associate

...If you are looking for someone to pray with you, to partner with you and to lead people to Christ, Greg is your man. 

He did a great job presenting the gospel.  We had a total of 46 adults and children make first time decisions for Christ.  This was out of a program of 151 players/cheerleaders.  Others rededicated their lives and still others came down to pray.  Expect to see God do big things through Greg.  It was a pleasure having Greg and Jane for our awards night celebration. 

I highly recommend them.”

Wayne Wright - UpwardTM League Commissioner

...237 decisions were made.

Thank you for an outstanding, spirit-filled night.  Only time will tell what truly took place Monday night.  However, it is obvious that God used you in a powerful way to spread His truth. Thanks again for your heart and ministry.  It was a real joy in getting to know you and Jane.  God bless you both as you continue ministering in God’s name and power. In total, 237 decisions were made.

Eddie Robertson - Minister of Recreation

Phone contact and email information for the preceding references are omitted to reduce spamming and to protect privacy.

Believe Ministries is happy to provide this information upon request.

...You set the standard that we will try to adhere to going forward.

I greatly appreciate you guys and what you did for us on that celebration night.  You set the standard that we will try to adhere to going forward.  I have coached for Upward in the past 4 years and can not recall an awards celebration that ended the way ours did this last Monday.   I do know several people came down and exited with counselors.  I am not sure of the exact number but by some accounts told to me over 40 people left for counseling...I do hope you guys continue what you are doing and don't change a single thing. I know that from this point forward we will continue using the concept of the "I" team. 

Chris Rogers - UpwardTM Sports Director

We had a full house each night ...

He did a wonderful job entertaining the people and was effective and clear in sharing the gospel.

We had a full house each night, and counseled about 45 people who responded to the invitation over the weekend.

He and his wife Jane have a sweet spirit and were a joy to work with.

Bob Rogers - Pastor

Greg was simply amazing!

His passion for seeing people come to know the Lord came through his entire presentation.

Our players and adults fed off his enthusiasm and just made the whole audience excited to be there.

His presentation of the gospel was straight forward and simple. Players and adults made decisions for Christ.

I would recommend Greg to anyone who wants someone to share the gospel so anyone can understand.

UpwardTM Sports Director


...You can feel the Holy Spirit move through the audience during his presentation.

Jane and Greg are excellent partners to work with. Jane is extremely organized and handles all the details. Greg has a love for God and the children. He is very entertaining and presents a clear message to the audience. You can feel the Holy Spirit move through the audience during his presentation.

Ty Sell - UpwardTM Sports Director

Excellent entertainer but really you can see Greg is sincere and Loves the Lord.

Works well with the kids and adults.

The program is great funny but with a Christian meaning. Greg will be on our list for entertainers in the future years.

Bill Pinker - UpwardTM Sports Director

Greg is passionate about winning people for Christ and it shows from the first moment you talk to him on the phone.

His show was entertaining and his gospel message was crystal clear!

UpwardTM Sports Director

...He is highly recommended.

God is using Greg through his talents and his message. His way of using the Gospel in bringing both children and adults to knowing Christ is terrific. We had about 38 first time decisions made during our Upward Awards Ceremony. Others rededicated their lives. He is highly recommended.

Gary and Peggy Morrison, UpwardTM Sports Directors

Exciting, spirit-filled presentation for all ages. His main purpose and desire is to share Christ and invite anyone, any age to receive Christ as personal savior. You will be blessed.

UpwardTM Sports Director

The next great Christ-honoring comment could be yours!

Call Believe Ministries today...you’ll be delighted!


We brought Greg and Jane back again to do our Upward Celebration.

Just like the last year they were great to work with from beginning to end.  The kids and adults love the program as part of it apply to all ages.  The Believe Ministries team is truly dedicated to doing the work of His kingdom!  This year we had an even greater response with over a 100 coming down during the invitation by Greg, but more importantly we had 55 first time decisions for Christ!  Believe Ministries not only partners with you for just the celebration but they pray along with you during your season!  They are truly great!

Chris Rogers - UpwardTM Sports Director

...we doubled our regular Sunday morning attendance and 75% of the crowd was not from our church

Greg ties the performance to the Gospel using illusions, music and humor. He concludes with a powerful, but not high pressure invitation to learn more about how to have life in Jesus Christ. During three performances, we recorded 130 decisions for Christ. Greg also helped us utilize our people to invite their friends and participate in the work of evangelism. This brought our own people closer together.

Steve Brewer - Pastor

...Thirty-six people in our community made a first time commitment and received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior

and we also raised over $38,000.00 for the recovery relief.

Believe Ministries went far beyond the normal call to service and made our event so special. The 1,400 plus attendees were all blessed with music, laughter, amazement and excitement. the tears shed that hight were not tears of pain, but tears of joy and God was praised and given thanks.

J. Todd Chancey - Pastor


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