Mixed Blend

If you have seen Greg Davidson live, chances are you also heard him sing and play the guitar. If you have never heard his music, here’s your chance.  You’re going to be pleasantly surprised!

Mixed blend is just that; a collection of:

  1. Gospel/Bluegrass

  2. Rock

  3. Soul/Rhythm and Blues

  4. Easy Listening

  5. and the smooth warm blend of beautiful classical guitar.

Along with some of Greg’s favorites, Mixed Blend also includes

two original compositions, including the premier recordings of

“When God Makes Angels in the Snow” featuring the guitar and vocals of Steve and Erin Heimler and Davidson’s “Time Don’t Leave Me Now.” 


Song Titles

When God Makes Angels for Web.mp3Music_files/When%20God%20Makes%20Angels%20for%20Web.mp3Music_files/When%20God%20Makes%20Angels%20for%20Web.band.zipshapeimage_2_link_0

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